Allan Fellman

Allan Fellman

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Criminal defense

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PO Box 2043
Glendale, CA, 91209

Customer Reviews

My son had problems with the courts in CA and no longer lived in CA. Allan helped Clear bench warrant and get the appropriate paperwork where it needed to go and did it quickly. I would highly recommend him.

I thought he was good before, what with my ‘put it off til later’ attitude towards my racked up traffic warrants. But then, OMG, I felt so thrown away and the court jailer told me I had a visitor.

I didn’t want to see anybody, but she said it’s a lawyer, take it now or never. It was Mr. Fellman, I cried so hard. He had business there that day and happened to see my name on the case list. I didn’t think he could help me, but he did, and I don’t think he ever charged me for that one! How many lawyers can anyone say that about!? You feel very alone when you leave your message, but I know he gets it instantly-and yes on those holiday weekends, too! He has also advised myself and another family member on some personal issues. He told me once that if I had warrants out of Glendale and a court date coming up, that it would be wise not to answer the door on the Friday before! The ONLY attorney I would EVER recommend.

Allen fellman is one hell of a Lawyer.. Not only did he get my sentance reduced he was there for me through the whole procedings and even after.. He made contact with my family and is very well know in the courts by the DA’s office. This is a good thing when you need it.

State Status Acquired Updated
CA Active 1969 08/24/2016
School name Major Degree Graduated
Bryant Coll N/A N/A N/A
Southwestern University School of Law N/A N/A N/A

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