Andrew F. Troia

Andrew F. Troia

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Commercial real estate, Real estate, Mediation, Litigation

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59 Maiden Lane, 41st Floor
New York, NY, 10038

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I am the president of a 397 unit condominium in Kew Garden Hills. The Board has worked with Andrew Troia of Cullen & Troia since the winter of 2008 primarily to resolve over $300,000 in overdue common charges that accumulated over the years because of poor property management (i.e., mismanagement) practices.

Since that time, the Board has successfully resolved and collected almost $200,000 in common charge arrears. Our current collection loss rate is 7.9% which is well below the industry average of 10.0% We have turned over a culture that was previously pervasive within the condominium community.

At one time it appears that some unit owners felt that holding back on their monthly maintenance fees made good economic sense. Prior members of the board would negotiate one-on-one with those delinquent owners and settle for 75 cents on the dollar or 60 cents on the dollar or 55 cents on the dollar. The common sentiment was simply: “Why be a sucker?” The longer you waited in settling your arrears, but better of a deal you could negotiate. Andrew Troia of Cullen & Troia firmly opposed that practice with stringent legal penalties and put that practice to rest.

My personal experience with Andrew Troia is that he is an astute and erudite attorney. He has a powerful grasp on the law, especially in that field that involves co-operative and condominium housing laws. He speaks articulately, but in terms that I, as a layman, can readily understand. His answers are concise and to-the-point. And exactly what I need.

Andrew Troia is also a gentleman of the highest caliber. I’ve never known him to lose his temper or use harsh language even under the most demanding of situations. A true professional in his field with the training and experience that a client needs.

He is highly recommended to anyone seeking legal advice, particularly with those difficult problems that are common to co-ops and condominiums: common charge arrears, loud noise complaints, small claims summons, alteration agreements, etc., etc.

My only regret is that Regent’s Park Gardens Condominium did not use his services before 2008.

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