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Bill Colovos

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Criminal defense

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13305 Reeck Ct Ste 140
Southgate, MI, 48195-3197

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After 5-1/2 years and two lawyers Mr. Colovos was able to (finally)help me get my life back. He is professional, honest, personable, and attentive. He is comfortable in the courtroom which in turn eased my level of distress. We went straight to Circuit Court and my drivers’ license was fully restored. I am so grateful that he was recommended to me and I highly recommend Bill. He was outstanding!

I was given very little time to retain legal representation .

Using the internet as my search tool I came across a legal site and submitted my inquiry . Bill responded and his telephone conversation convinced me he was the right guy.

I was lucky to have hired someone like Bill Colovos. I was charged with a misdemeanor in a domestic violence case earlier this year, not a very serious charge but just the same it was very serious to me considering I haven’t been in any trouble with the law since I was a very young man decades ago.

Bill put my mind at ease, and was able to get me through this maze and in the end a fair judgment.

His 29 years experience and fairness are hallmark. Thanks again Bill.

Not Guilty of OWI second offence; that is what Bill’s skill and hard work produced for me. I had hired another attorney before I found Bill; he charged me $5,000 dollars telling me he was going to get me off because the police made all kinds of mistakes.

When we had the pretrial the judge denied both of his motions and set a trial date.

After seeing that attorney in court I knew I was in real trouble. I told my story to several

Attorneys and finally found one that actually listened and understood I really did have a defense. When I hired Bill I already had a jury trial date set and I didn’t even have the police report from my other attorney. Bill came to my house on 3 occasions and spent several hours going over all the details of my case. He helped me get all the discovery reports and audio video evidence that the police might use. He was honest with me from the very first about my chances of winning and my options; the other attorney had just been lying to me to get my money. My wife has a mental medical condition and had snapped around bedtime; I had to drive my car to keep her from hurting her self or me. The police contacted me by cell phone and ordered me to drive back supposedly for my side of the story. When I pulled up they had already made up their mind to arrest me for OWI. Bill found the breath machine they used on me was pulled out of service 2 weeks later. According to the police I was acting drunk flunked the sobriety test and after blowing 3 times in their Breathalyzer they finally got a reading of .11. When we heard the audio of the arrest Bill was honest with me that my chances at trial were not as good as we first thought. Bill was able to get the prosecutor to offer me a reckless non-driving deal but I had been through probation before and didn’t want to go through that again. Bill spent hours with me putting together a strategy to hopefully keep the tape from being shown during the trial. At the trial the police denied ordering me to drive and Bill successfully discredited the officer and proved him to be a liar. He also raised plenty of doubt about the procedures that they used to prosecute me. Bottom line was a not guilty verdict even with a Breathalyzer of .11 and a police officer swearing he knows a drunk driver when he sees one. If you are in trouble and want to hear the truth and get the hours of work you are paying for I highly recommend Bill Colovos. He wont charge you for a trial prep then tell you this is the best deal you can get. He has a win rate of 97% that fact alone will get you the best deal from the prosecutor if they really got you. Let Bill take a look at your case; he can tell you if you have a chance at trial or if you should be looking for the best deal you can get.

I recently acquired Mr Colovos as my Attorney for a felony charge that I believed was unjust. He was very patient and answered in detail every question I had. I was never in any trouble in the past so there was a million questions and concerns i had. I felt very comfortable speaking to him and I never felt intimidated like a thought a attorney would make me feel. Myself and my Family really appreciate the help he provided. I would recommend Bill Colovos to anyone i know in need of a Attorney.

i retained bill colovos recently for a dui in taylor mi.

he assured me everything would go well and it did.

i would retain bill in the future for any situation i had.

having a good lawyer can make all the difference

espescially when the judge respects him.

I have used Mr. Colovos in my divorce and when I had trouble with my driver’s license. He knew what he was talking about and made sure I was informed about what could and would happen. Because of him, I got full custody of my kids and was able to stay out of jail and keep my job and support my boys after license problems.

Mr. Colovos is a lawyer I respect and admire. He helped my son get out of trouble twice. He is personable, accessible, and attentive. He does not have a superiority complex. He is on time, every time you go to court. He is not arrogant. He is available 24 hours a day. He is very learned about the law. His staff is friendly, kind, and prompt. Thanks to Mr. Colovos, my son is out of trouble. He did not lose his scholarships, and he got his life back.

State Status Acquired Updated
MI Active And In Good Standing 1985 11/22/2016
School name Major Degree Graduated
Thomas M. Cooley Law School Law J.D. N/A
Wayne State University N/A B.S. N/A

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