Bruce W Brewer

Bruce W Brewer

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Social security

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Bruce recently represented me in an Adjudication SSDI trial. It was my second to last chance to receive approval to receive my SSDI benefits. He has knowledge and 20+ years experience with all the SSDI judges in Portland. He was able to tell me about the judge we were about to meet, what his personality was like, and most importantly, the Judges likes and dislikes in his courtroom from the folks he is facing, like me. I had a strong case, but had been denied my SSDI benefits 3 times in 22 months,, (standard protocal here, folks), and had to appear for a final decision. One hour before the trial, Bruce was magnificant at making sure I handeled the trial “correctly”. He told me exactly how it would go, (he was right on the money), He told me exactly what questions he was going to ask me when it was his time to depose me, after the judge was done with his questioning of me. He also knew within minutes of talking to me that I was a nervous wreck and quite “pissed off”, as he put it.

He managed to pull me off the ceiling and prepare me for was what to come in just a short 45 minutes from that moment. I did what Bruce asked of me. He told me afterward, that I was a completly different person in the courtroom and that I did so well, he genuinly believed that we would win my case. He knew our Judge, which helped immensly. Seems all the judges there do, and all we ran into were so happy to see him. I received my outcome within 4 days! Not the 60’ish days that is quoted by the Social Security Administration. I even had my retro-paycheck with the following week! Our judge knew I he was foing to approve me about 1/2 way throught the houe we spent in there. We could both see it on his face and by his questions and comments to me.

Bruce told me my trial went amazingly well, which I responded….”Thanks to your perfect coaching of how my behavior needed to be in the courtroom” . Again, my case was strong, a huge file with lot’s of MRI’s and tests and 2 years of Doctor visit reports. Bruce was there all the way through, doing the intracacies of filing an SSDI case. But, when it comes ro SSDI cases, there is no need to “need” your lawyer during the red tapee bullshit that goes on throughout the wait, he tells you what to do and gathers all your records for you, and gets them to the proper place in a most timely fashion. Bruce mattered when he sat next to me before and in that courtroom, which is where WE won my case.

Don’t try and find anyone else. This dude has it all, from following the rules like no layman can to get everything you will need to everywhere it has to go, to appearing at court time as a professional with a “smack” of inside track knowledge. That is who you want representing you. A real human being, not a sruffed-shirt who won’t look you in the eye. Someone who has been around the block LOCALLY for so many years. The relationships he has forged with all the right people have given him insight that he can share with you to insure you get a fair shake.

If this gentleman can’t do it, then, no one can.

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