Craig Norman Larsen

Craig Norman Larsen

Practice areas:

Litigation, General practice, Criminal defense, Estate planning, Speeding and traffic ticket


Hourly ($175/hour), Free consultation (30 minutes)

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27 Harrison St
Wenatchee, WA, 98801-1926

Customer Reviews

Although its hit or miss with every traffic ticket, Craig did his job very well, kept me informed and offered good advice on next steps. Very glad I used his services and got the dismissal on my speeding ticket.

I picked up a speeding ticket along Highway 2 on a steep downhill section. I’m very glad I found Craig. Excellent communication, reasonable rates, I did not have to appear in court and he was able to get my ticket dropped straight away. Highly recommended!

I was heading on a weekend getaway to Leavenworth with my girlfriend for her birthday and got pulled over by Stevens Pass (right as I started making the descent from the pass). It was a clever spot for the WSP to be situated at. I didn’t think much of the speed since I just left my car in neutral and coasted down while traveling with the “flow of traffic”. As soon as the vehicles in front of me tapped their brakes, I knew exactly what was around the corner. I tried tapping my brakes smoothly w/o making it obvious but to no avail. Being the last car of the group, I got pulled over and was cited traveling 80mph. Prior to this incident, I received a 2 year probation which will reduce my reckless driving to a negligent driving for losing grip on my almost bald tires and getting stuck in a ditch. No witnesses or anything and I was in the process of calling a tow truck, but a passerby decides to call the police and report a DUI -__- That case was wrapped up and my attorney informed me to call her if I receive any moving violations within the probation period. So I did and she recommended me to contest the ticket. Following her advice, I looked up attorneys around the Wenatchee area where the court was handling my case. I found this site and honestly at first I tried calling the lawyers w/the higher ratings, but they weren’t available till a few days out and their secretaries answered for them. I was already freaking out w/the whole probation thing so I needed to talk to an actual attorney asap. So I decided to give Craig a call and haven’t regret it one bit. He picked up immediately and I explained him my situation and we got down to the details. He gave me an honest and really fair service fee upfront and I honestly thought it was going to be double what he offered. The fee was significantly less than what I would had to pay for the speeding ticket. No doubt it was worth every penny even if the outcome would’ve been different! He gave me options on how to contact me and text messaging was perfect for me. Throughout the whole process, Craig would update me w/any new updates and I didn’t even have to travel to Wenatchee or see him in person once since I live in Everett. Being cited for speeding w/a radar gun, we both knew our chances weren’t that great but he kept me optimistic about how things can play out in the legal system. Surely enough, the prosecutor pulled the wrong police report and my case was dropped a day early. Wow!!! I was so relieved and now I can breathe a little easier. Phew, that was a long review but I just wanted to fill in the story. 1) Craig is courteous and gives updates when he receives them 2) his fees are honest and really fair 3) he’s been doing this for awhile 4) he keeps his client optimistic throughout the whole process. I can’t say enough about him as I’ve been through the search for an attorney before with my previous incident and I can say that not all attorneys are created equally. I’ll just leave it at that.

State Status Acquired Updated
WA Active 1991 12/17/2016
School name Major Degree Graduated
University of Washington School of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 1991
University of Washington Political Science/Historyy BA – Bachelor of Arts 1988

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