Dana Ann Duffey

Dana Ann Duffey

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Child abuse, Criminal defense, Juvenile law, Family, Adoption


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Cash, Check, Credit card

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2000 Carson St.
Ft. Worth, TX, 76117

Customer Reviews

I got into a little trouble three years ago and could’ve lost my daughter to the state if not for Ms. Duffey being my court appointed attorney. She is bold, aggressive, relentless, and very knowledgeable about the in and outs of family courts. She encouraged me to be honest, to fight for my child, and told me “I know you’re not the type of mom to quit.” She was always quick to respond to phone calls and e-mails and after a year, I gained the trust and confidence of the state and regained custody of my daughter. My husband and I hired her not long after I won my case to fight for custody of his sons. She has been great letting us make payments for this case, and we are now steps away from closing a won case.

Thank you Dana!!

I got pulled over and charged with a DWI; my second in about 8 years. The first one was when I wasn’t even drinking age (20 years old).

My first lawyer was not very helpful. I got Miss Duffey’s name and right from the start she was amazingly helpful. Everything got worked out and I learned a hard lesson but I would recommend Miss Duffey to anyone! She allowed me to set up a payment plan, with a retainer, which at least took the sting out of paying an attorney a large chunk of money all at once, on top of everything else.

Miss Duffey is professional and straight forward. I appreciate that about her.

My adult step daughter got into some trouble in the last year, she was assigned a court-appointed attorney but her father and I decided to step in. At the recommendation of a friend we contacted Ms. Duffey and have not regretted our decision.

Ms. Duffey is professional, knowledgeable, straight forward, and very good about keeping us in the loop about the entire process. Ms. Duffey was able to let us know what to expect and what the potential outcomes could be, but she did not make any promises as to the final outcome. Ms. Duffey let my step daughter know what she needed to do to help herself and what the results would probably be if she did not. Fortunately for my stepdaughter, she did not have to spend time in jail but she could well have if she had not had such good representation.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, especially with regard to criminal law.

When my 16 year old son got in trouble with the law and I had to take a court appointed attorney I was terrified we were going to get some new kid fresh out of law school, but I was relieved when I met Ms. Duffey. She was knowledgeable about what was going to happen when we got to court and what the judge we would be seeing was likely to do. She didn’t make us promises about the outcome, but gave us realistic possibilities and prepared us for what might happen. She talked with my son about the consequences of his bad behavior and how it was going to change his future if he continued on the same path. My son did have to spend a night in juvenile detention, but she made sure the judge considered that when he gave my son community service and probation – exactly what she told us the judge would probably do. She was quick to return our worried phone calls and helped us calm down and prepare for what was ahead. We are going to call her back when it is time to have his juvenile record sealed. I also gave her name to a friend of mine who needed some help with a contract and my friend was very happy with her services as well. We were so glad we got her.

State Status Acquired Updated
TX Eligible To Practice In Texas 2008 12/20/2016
School name Major Degree Graduated
Texas Wesleyan University N/A N/A N/A

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