David Royal Smith

David Royal Smith

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Criminal defense


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Cash, Check, Credit card

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524 S Andrews Ave Ste 101 N
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301-2845

Customer Reviews

My brother was arrested in Florida with attempted first-degree murder with a firearm. The man was shot 4 times but thankfully he did not die. Under Florida’s 10/20/Life Law my brother was facing a mandatory 25 years in prison to life. I came to Florida and hired David Royal Smith to represent my brother. He worked on the case for such for about 2 years, taking depositions and preparing for trial. Although he was preparing for trial, he used the information that he learned to negotiate a favorable plea from the State Attorney. Eventually he was able to get the State Attorney to waive the 25 year mandatory minimum and offer 5 years in prison followed by a short time on probation. My brother is extremely satisfied with the manner in which David Royal Smith handled his case.

My best friend told me about David Smith and recommended that he was the best. I couldn’t believe that anyone could get me out of this mess. At the time of me retaining David I had been out of prison for only a year so I was bound for extra time I was doomed. I was driving my car in the late morning and the police officer stopped me and asked me was I smoking marijuana I said yes but there is no more he searched my car and found a half of joint in the ashtray a bag of cocaine under my seat and a hydrocodone pill.I had to go to trial. David picked the jury and cross examined the policeman that testified against me and at the end of the case he gave an closing argument and convince the jury that the state had not proven their case. We won but I picked up 3 seperate cases in another county during the same time. My worries were far from over. This time I was charged with possession of marijuana 2 counts of battery on an officer and resisting arrest with violence. The police had shot me with a taser and beat me up before taking me to jail. I had hired another lawyer but got rid of her and hired David. Due to the nature of the charges I was facing an even longer time in prison. On my trial date mr Smith announced he was ready for trial the prosecution asked for another continuance David objected and the judge denied the motion for continuance. The state attorney then announced they were dropping the case all from Mr. Smith experience I was so devoted to him. He is the reason im a free bird today Thanks David for proving my innocence

I was Arrested for possession of cannabis with intent to deliver and possession of methamphetamine. My attorney David Smith, got the charge reduced to simple possession and got me into drug court. Then i got arrested for trafficking methamphetamine and possession of cannabis with intent to deliver. When i got arrested on the new case, my bond was revoked and i was kicked out of drug court. Mr. Smith did a bond hearing and got me released from jail. The trafficking was reduced to possession of methylene. He worked out a deal on both my cases for probation and the court withheld Adjudication of guilt so I am not a convicted felon.

David was recomended to me by a close friend who has used him a few times in the past. I knew who David was by sight since he’s been around much longer then the 20 years I’ve been going to the court house. I had a 3 day trial with David for battery that I was acquitted on thanks to Mr. Smith! The state was tring to get admitted two photos of the victum that were taken when I whipped this guys ass, but because of some “Sally Law” that Mr. Smith knew they weren’t allowed. Only the two photos of him after he got the stiches out is what the jury saw, when he looked a whole lot better. The state was like, sally law with their faces turned up looking stupid. They didn’t even know about it.! Mr. Smith also got an added jury instruction that was in our favor that could of decided the case. David reminds me of Matlock and I tell him he does. He goes to every crime scene, Lawyers don’t do that these days. He is really a breath of fresh air in a stinky system. Just today he called this FBI agent for me that was wanting to ask me questions and got him off my back & he dosen’t even want money for it which is why I’m writing such a long review, but am just giving it to you honestly. Mr. Smith takes pride in his clients geting their life on track first, then he cares about his money second. He could of been a judge three times over, but he dosen’t want to put people away. He rather get you out! Hire Mr. David Royal Smith & know that you have someone that is gonna use all of his connections for you, instead of someone who cares about money first…….

State Status Acquired Updated
FL Member in Good Standing 1973 12/08/2016
Work experience
Title Company name Duration
Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer David R Smith Law Offices 1981 – Present
School name Major Degree Graduated
University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law Law Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor 1973

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