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Eric Cahan

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Wrongful death, Criminal defense, Family

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My divorce (with a custody issue) was finished in 6 months. Many of my friends warned me that in the county I’m in, a divorce could take a year or more so I was very relieved to have Mr. Cahan and his paralegal, Mylie, working hard and pushing my case through. I am happy with my results, and will use Mr. Cahan again if I ever need to go back to court. My retainer was fair and the unused portion was refunded to me when my case was finished.

I was referred to Mr. Cahan by another attorney who did not have the time to take on my case. I had been divorced for over a year and have a 2 yr old and 4 yr old. My ex had violated the previous parenting plan starting less than a month after it had been signed but was now seeking to get more parenting time. (He had been getting the children only on weekends with no overnights – due to the fact that he chose to change his work schedule a few weeks after he signed the parenting plan.) The first attorney I spoke with said that since my ex was asking for a complete overhaul of the original parenting plan, she recommended that I have Mr. Cahan file a motion to dismiss since my ex filed paperwork for a modification of the plan. I left her office feeling relieved.

I had filed an order of protection against my ex a few days before meeting with Mr. Cahan due to his continual harassment of me at work and outside of work. Upon meeting with Mr. Cahan, he insisted that i drop the order of protection, saying that if it went to a hearing, the judge wouldn’t grant it bc it didn’t involve physical or sexual abuse, it just showed that my ex was “a jerk”, Mr. Cahan’s words, not mine. He also said that any judge would grant my ex 50/50 custody unless there was obvious abuse. I left, visibly upset but did not think I had any other recourse. My situation had gone from me getting a dismissal to now me having to drop my order of protection against my ex and to him potentially getting 50/50 custody of my two young children, who I had custody of the entire time except for weekends. Mr. Cahan even succeeded in getting my ex even more time with the children than he originally asked for…he only asked for overnights and vacation days at the beginning. After Mr. Cahan told me to drop the order of protection, which I did, the new parenting plan gives my ex the children every Thursday through Sunday…more time than he even wrote that he wanted in his request for modification. Even worse, shortly after the new parenting plan was signed, my ex filed an order of protection against me. We are both law enforcement who work at the same location so if I go to a hearing and somehow get convicted based on a judge’s bias, etc., Brady bill goes into effect, I get entered into a federal database and I lose my gun which could cost me my career. I never should have paid for or even consulted this attorney. I should have kept my order of protection against my ex and I should’ve had a hearing with the judge regarding both the new parenting plan and the order against my ex. I could not have come out of my situation any worse than I did. And I paid money for it. Not to mention that since we both work in the same place, all my ex has to do is allege contact and Brady bill goes into effect. I just pray to God, for my children’s sake as well as mine, that my ex loses interest and finds someone else to harass and intimidate. Somehow I doubt that is a possibility. Do not use this attorney!

Does nothing but eat up your retainer. I feel i was worse off by hiring Cahan. incompetent and just sat by and let me get railroaded in court. Have knowledge of similar situations with other individuals he’s “represented.”

Excellent lawyer, does his homework and makes you feel confident the case is being handled with due diligence. He took a difficult case and handled it like a pro. Informed me of pleas being offered but did not attempt to sell them to me. Took care of 2 separate cases and performed admirably. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this man.

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AZ Active 1972 07/02/2016
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BV Rated Martindale-Hubbell 2014
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DePaul University College of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor N/A

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