George Lee Stigler

George Lee Stigler

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Military law

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District Judge
Waterloo, IA, 50703

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Judge Stigler sat on my military review board after my service brought erroneous allegations against me. They stacked the board against me. It was a well orchestrated set-up. The Board chair, vote that broke a tie on one charge, was a plant. At the end of the kangaroo hearing, Attorney Stigler asked that I be told how the votes were cast. They protested but he convinced them that it was the right thing to do. In all instances he saw the discrepancies brought by this planted board. I never was able to thank him for making the request and voting in my favor. He obviously thought it was important that I know he supported me in my efforts to save my career. When I asked my JAG officer why he voted positively in my behalf, he said, “HE DIDN’T believe them.” Judge Stigler was able to decipher the false allegations from the truth. I was set up after being subjected to MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA in my organization and being passed over for promotions and jobs for which I should have been selected. The Chief HR Officer, was one of the ones who offered me promotions favor in return for sexual favors. I was accused of “insubordination and dereliction of duty,” neither allegations true, but I lost my career, my health, nearly my life and still suffer and am plagued with lasting MST/PTSD. The whole MST debate going on in Congress made all the harassment, sexual and otherwise, bubble up in my mind. How officers lied under sworn oath and all the illegal actions taken against me, including papering my files, etc. I want everyone know about his selfless service on my behalf. I know how much my Mother, in her 80’s at the time and present through it all appreciated him. I want him and everyone to know if you want an attorney who stands in the face of lies and isn’t afraid to stand alone, Attorney Stigler is your guy. He has no idea how much I appreciated what he did that day. It meant more than he ever could know. If I thought everyone had believed the awful lies my service perpetrated to smear and defame me, I might not have been able to go on. he is one of the ones who saved my life. When everything and everyone is threatened, sent TDY, and not allowed to testify, one thinks that everyone believes what the worst in you. he didn’t. My mother died last year on Veteran’s Day. She never stopped speaking about you and the risk you took to let me know you, in fact, didn’t believe them and voted in my behalf. I was falsely accused, they lied to get my federal recognition withdrawn. I WAS SELECTED BY THE DEPT. OF THE ARMY for promotion, but they wanted one of their boys to have the slot. They tried domestic terrorism, did everything except burn a cross on my lawn, but I’m still standing and I’ll never stop fighting to clear my name of the erroneous charges. They ended a 26 1/2 year career. Last person who offered me a position was a 2 Star General who’d testified positively in my behalf. I was made out to have broken Articles in the UCMJ. Strange, for 25 years I’d received above average, promote ahead of peers, always exceeds standards, evaluations, UNTIL I FILED THE DISPARATE IMPACT AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT COMPLAINTS. All my years in the service I thought things would get better. I never thought a crime like this could live this long. To date, I haven’t been able to get a full, just, and honest investigation done in my case. Oh, I RECEIVED AN HONORABLE DISCHARGE. I thank God for keeping me uplifted by people like you. YOU DIDN’T BELIEVE THEM!

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IA Active 1975 12/17/2016
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University of Northern Iowa N/A B.A. N/A
University of Iowa Law J.D. N/A

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