Jeffrey H Katz

Jeffrey H Katz

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Real estate, Criminal defense, Speeding and traffic ticket

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182 Meisel Ave
Springfield, NJ, 07081-1830

Customer Reviews

I admit I was dumb. When I moved into NJ from NY state I had to get a NJ driver license and NJ license plates on our two cars. Doing that at the local motor vehicle office was easy. I went home with two sets of two license plates, but didn’t pay attention to what I was doing when I put them on our cars. I ended up splitting the plates. I put one mismatched pair on my car and the other mismatched p air on my wife’s car. A few days later I was pulled over by a cop who noticed that my front plate and rear plate were different by one number. I explained what must have happened but he didn’t want ot hear it. I got a ticket for “fictitious plates” which I found out later is a major offense. I went back to Mr. Katz who handled another problem for me a few years ago. Mr. Katz kept me up to date on the case all the way to trial in the town court. The judge found me not guilty. I think that because Mr. Katz also is a volunteer cop he knows exactly how the system works.

I live in Missouri, but grew up in NJ where my mom lived until she passed some years ago. I was fighting with other siblings over the estate and needed someone I could trust in NJ to protect my rights. Mr. Katz was terrific. I always knew the status of my claim and he did what I couldn’t do from MO. I finally got my share of my mom’s estate along with personal items important to me.

Our shore home was nearly destroyed in the Superstorm. The damage wasn’t flooding. It was all from wind. The insurance company wanted us to take $2,600, but the damage was $90,000. Our policy would cover that but the company called it flood damage. We had to use our retirement funds to start the repairs. My permanent home is in Springfield. Jeff was able to get the company to reevaluate our case. We got a check to cover all damages minus our deductible.

My company services aircraft and we took over a two-way radio system from another company located at the same airport in NY. About a year later we ended up being prosecuted by the FCC for a bunch of violations. My own lawyer couldn’t handle something that specialized but he worked with Mr. Katz on a civil case before and knew that he was an expert in FCC law. Basically, the FCC wanted to shut us down. That would have put us out of business. Mr. Katz got it all straightened out for us. He was worth every dime.

Bought my first house a few weeks ago but the journey started in Sept. Got great advice plus email and texting updates on everything. Even scheduled my closing for evening so I wouldn’t miss work. Smooth as silk.

We lived in Queens, NY but always wanted a home in the suburbs. Found a beautiful ranch in Watchung. Ideal place. Mr. Katz made the whole deal work for us. I couldn’t believe how smooth things were. Even met with us on weekends when we were both off from work.

My husband and I recently purchased a home in Monmouth County. We used Mr. Katz to represent us on recommendation of a co-worker. He was absolutely wonderful. He helped us through the whole process. He’s always prepared and totally on top of things.

Got 5 tickets in a town next to mine. Mr. Katz got all 5 bundled into one. Kept my license and paid a fine. That’s it. He’s also a cop so that really helps!

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NJ Active 1981 12/27/2016

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