Jennifer Leigh Ozer

Jennifer Leigh Ozer

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Criminal defense, General practice

About me

I specialize in criminal defense with an emphasis on DUI defense. I care a great deal about my clients, and I fight for the best possible outcome on all cases. I am easily accessible even when not in the office, and have the empathy, knowledge, and resources necessary to help get my clients through the difficult times that come as a result of a criminal charge.  

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Cash, Check, Credit card

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210 East 31st Street
Savannah, GA, 31401

Customer Reviews

Ms Ozer represented me in a self defense case. Ms Ozer has good rapport with the DA and the judges within the system along with a great understanding of the process. I felt like she listened and cared about my case and did her best to bring me justice.

I highly recommend hiring Ms Ozer to represent.

Recently my 22 year old son was arrested for three separate misdemeanors . It was so very upsetting as he had never gotten into any trouble before. After his arrest, he received a letter in the mail as an advertisement. When he told me about it, I thought he should just throw it away. Never been through this and thought it was a scam. Luckily he kept the letter. Jennifer was very professional, caring and confident. The first time I spoke with her, I knew she would have my son’s best interest at heart. Throughout the ordeal, she always answered any questions I had, no matter how silly they may have seemed. She always assured me that she would fight for my son. She would return my calls any time day or night. She was able to have two charges dropped and the other reduced. No misdemeanors on his record. I am a person of faith and I know without a doubt she was placed in his life and ours at just the right time. I would highly recommend her. She is well worth her fee and more.

Jennifer originally was my son’s Court appointed attorney two years ago. Recently my son got into some trouble. I was out of the state and remembered I had her business card in my purse. Jennifer took my son’s case. She was and is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, always available to answer any questions I had. AND was able to get my son out of the trouble he was facing.

I am very thankful for all she has done to help my son who is a veteran and struggles with PTSD.

Jennifer’s knowledge of the legal system and the professionalism with which she carries herself is a credit to the profession. She returns messages seemingly instantaneously and above all else is remarkably personable and compassionate. Most importantly though, she was able to negotiate a “best case” scenario outcome for my case and for that reason I offer anyone considering Jennifer as their legal counsel my highest personal recommendation. She is easily worth twice her retainer.

I hired Jennifer to help me with what seemed like an impossible case where no matter what the results would be Grimm. She quickly acted on my case and kept me informed almost daily on the processes she was handling for me. She is a great lawyer very knowlegdeable and any district attorneys worst nightmare. I highly recommend Jennifer because she is one of those upcoming lawyers who will take your case and give if not surpass the results wanted!! Very professional and very passionate and driven when it comes to her clients. Hopefully I won’t need a criminal defense lawyer again but if I do I know exactly who to go through!! Two thumbs up another satisfied client! If your searching for a defense attorney and u come across this review look no more it would be in your best interest to go with Jennifer or at least give her a call she is very reasonable!!

I have a very difficult past where many years ago I got into a lot of trouble before with MANY FELONY convictions. I always hired a lawyer and felt as if money was either wasted or in consequence to my charges I received a sentence that only a case over loaded public defender would have gotten me. After some years passing staying out of trouble, I got a DUI and hired a VERY expensive “top notch” lawyer that specialized in DUI’s, one of the “best in the state of GA” I never saw him but once at the hearing where I got the standard sentence that almost everyone gets on a first time DUI. (License suspension, LOTS of Community service, all the expensive DUI classes, Probation, and fees, fees and more fees) Less than a year later, I got another DUI, same officer. I was distraught and everything in my life felt hopeless, I thought I was DONE and going back to Prison. It was a violation of my probation from the first DUI and I just knew that there was no way out of this situation, especially while at the same time recovering from a long term addiction. After the initial arrest for the 2nd DUI and bonding out before the violation kicked in, I got ONE letter in the mail, an “advertisement” letter from Jennifer Ozer offering her services. Normally, you will get dozens of these after an arrest. Hers was the FIRST and ONLY one. As sad and ashamed and as hopeless as I was, I called her and took a chance on this lady I had heard nothing about. It WAS an angel in disguise working for me that day, now and every day since. Jennifer from the very start was so empathetic, understanding and so caring about my entire situation. All from my past, the first DUI, pending second, and fighting my recovering addiction. She BELIEVED in me to succeed and get through this when no one else would. I had to turn myself in for the violation, where I was at the time on crutches and then also going to be detoxing from my prescribed medication that the jail would not provide. All that with no hopes of a BOND or bond hearing. NOT ONLY did Jennifer GET ME A BOND hearing, within 24 hours but she came to VISIT me and tell me PERSONALLY that she was getting me out that day. I was shocked that she miraculously pulled this off! I hugged her and cried, because it meant so much that she CARED so much. She talked me through EVERY step from turning myself in to then and after I was out. After I got out, a few months were passing waiting for court on the violation and DUI, and the entire time she kept up checking on me, always wanting to make sure I was doing OK, staying strong, and giving me the confidence I needed to succeed and get through this. It was HER KNOWLEDGE of the legal system, HER CONFIDENCE and STRENGTH she had over my case that gave ME MY strength and hope. We went to court and the new (tough reputation) DA wanted to hear nothing of ANYTHING about my case after looking at my prior record. Another Miracle, Jennifer was able to personally meet with this person and explain my situation, I KNOW this took her a TON of EFFORT and PERSONAL TIME of her own to do so. She was able to explain my dire need to not be in jail so that I could successfully continue the rehabilitation program that I was in, and ALSO keep my license to do so. If you know anything about DUI’s, a second in one year, that just doesn’t happen! So the DA agreed to let me stay FREE and finish my treatment WITH my license where I am PROUD to say I will be now able to go back to court on our next date, with my completed and SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY to have the DUI dropped to a reckless driving so I will be able to KEEP my license, have no 2nd DUI charge, and keep MY FREEDOM. I KNOW it WAS and IS Jennifers’ POWER of INTELLIGENCE, quick wit, knowledge of the system and experience that ONLY could have worked this out. I KNOW that above ALL is her considerate and caring nature, compassion for humanity that gave me HOPE again. Not only do I have the best lawyer working for me but an ANGEL and a true FRIEND.

Jennifer worked diligently to get a very stubborn District Attorney to agree to a DUI reduction to a reckless driving charge for a first time offender. She was great at keeping me involved on everything that was happening. The most reassuring part was her responsiveness to all of my questions and different scenarios that I was presenting to her.

Even while on probation she has continued to work with me on getting modified probation so that I can leave the country, which is not easy to do from what I’ve heard.

Definitely a strong recommendation for anyone looking for an affordable, relatable, and extremely capable attorney.

State Status Acquired Updated
GA Active Member in Good Standing 2010 11/27/2016
School name Major Degree Graduated
University of Florida N/A N/A N/A

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