Joseph Carmen Patituce

Joseph Carmen Patituce

Practice areas:

DUI and DWI, Criminal defense, Federal crime, White collar crime, Sex crime, Divorce and separation, Appeals

About me

Joseph C. Patituce is a former Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, and as a prosecutor he gained valuable insights into how the criminal justice and legal system work.  These insights allow him help clients woth DUI/OVI & Criminal matters in ways that many other attorneys simply can not match.

He grew up in a very small town in Upstate New York, but has been living in Ohio since he moved here to attend law school.

He has offices in 5 Ohio cities and in Albany, NY.

Ohio Offices:

Patituce & Associates, LLC
600 Superior Ave. East
Suite 1300
Cleveland, Ohio, OH 44114
(440) 471-7811

Patituce & Associates, LLC
26777 Lorain Road
Suite 708
North Olmsted, OH 44070
(440) 471-7784

Patituce & Associates, LLC
2000 Auburn Drive
Suite 200
Beachwood, Ohio, 44122
(216) 772-0076

Patituce & Associates, LLC
6100 Oak Tree Boulevard
Suite 200
Independence, Ohio 44131
(440) 617-6450

Patituce & Associates, LLC
6808 Miami Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45243

Patituce & Associates, LLC
412 14th Street
Toledo, Ohio 43604


Patituce & Associates, LLC

520 South Main Street
Akron, OH

(330) 752-6706

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Hourly ($100-500/hour), contingent (15-40%), Fixed (sometimes), Retainer (sometimes), Free consultation (30 minutes)

Payment types:

Cash, Check, Credit card

Contact info

26777 Lorain Road
Suite 708
North Olmsted, OH, 44070

Legal cases

  • State v. IA (a minor)

    Practice Area:
    Criminal defense
    May 13, 2010
    Case dismissed at trial
    I.A. lived in a multi-story apartment building with his family. On the day he was going to move out he went to his neighbor, whom owed I.A. ten dollars. I.A. knocked on the door several times over the course of several hours. At some point during the night someone allegedly kicked in the neighbor’s door. The neighbor called the police and when the police arrived the neighbor blamed I.A. As a result, I.A. was charged with Aggravated Burglary. In Ohio Aggravated Burglary is a felony of the first degree.

    I.A., a young juvenile, faced the possibility of staying in juvenile prison until he was 21 years old as a result of these allegations. Prior to trial the State of Ohio offered I.A. a felony of the third degree. After reviewing what evidence the State of Ohio claim and based upon our advice, I.A. opted for a trial. At the start of the trial the State of Ohio further reduced the charges against I.A. to a felony of the fourth degree. This meant that I.A. could face six months in prison, but could still stay there until he turned 21.

    During the course of the trial, and through vigorous cross examination by attorneys from Patituce & Wolf, it became apparent that there was evidence that the State of Ohio had in its possession but did not turn over. There were photographs, written witness statements, and a 911 tape. The State of Ohio had represented that none of these items existed. Once it was revealed that they did exist, I.A.’s attorney immediately requested that the charges against him be dismissed for what is called Prosecutorial Misconduct and discovery violations.

    The trial court gave both parties 48 hours to brief the issues and file written motions outlining their arguments. The prosecutors even went so far as to threaten one of I.A.’s attorneys with a complaint to the bar, or what is also called a grievance. I.A.’s attorney did not back down. I.A.’s attorney did not give in to the idle threat. He filed his response with the witness statements attached.

    After reviewing the written motions filed by Patituce the Judge dismissed I.A.’s case and sent him home free to be with his parents and move on with his life.

  • State v. Ranada Bailey

    Practice Area:
    Criminal defense
    Apr 22, 2010
    Felonies were dismissed
    R.B. needed to place a large order at a home improvement store for a house she had purchased as an investment. An acquaintance asked if she would allow him to pay for the items with his credit card as he needed the cash off the card for his own use. She agreed to pay him the cash she had on her person in exchange for his buying the items. Little did she know that the credit card used was fraudulent and led back to a theft ring run by an inmate in a New Jersey prison. The FBI, local and state officials became involved. A significant amount of money was taken from R.B. and held as evidence. She was charged with felony theft and felony misuse of a credit card. On the fourth degree felony she faced six to eighteen months in prison and a $5,000 fine. On the third degree felony she faced one to five years in prison with a $10,000 fine.

    We were able to demonstrate that while our client should have known better, she was not a part of this FBI investigation. Felony charges were reduced to a simple misuse of a credit card and our client paid a $100.00 fine. Her money was returned.

  • State v. Boston

    Practice Area:
    DUI and DWI
    Plead to reckless operation
    Client blew a .23 BAC. After motion to suppress prosecutor agreed to reduce charges to a reckless operation based on problems we raised with the breath test. This was the client’s second dui in six years, meaning he faced a minimum of 20 days in jail

Customer Reviews

I was accused of a felonious assault. Mr. Patituce stood up to the prosecutors who told us that someone had to take a felony. When the prosecutors tried to bully Mr. Patituce around he pushed back and caught them in their lies.

The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on ALL charges and found that Mr. Patituce proved self defense.

This case drew national media attention and was very stressful, we could have not done it without our attorney.

My husband was indicted on a felonious assault charge. He acted in self defense and was clearly innocent. Because of my husband’s position as a law enforcement officer I knew we needed a very experienced attorney to represent him. Joe Patituce made us both feel at ease considering the stress we were under dealing with this pending case. Joe answered all our questions, had great communication throughout the whole ordeal, and was present at pretrials. My husband was found NOT GUILTY and we have Joe Patituce to thank for his expertise in proving his self defense. Hiring Joe Patituce was the best thing we could have done in this terrible situation. We cannot thank him enough.

Joe Patituce and his team worked tirelessly in my defense. Joe answered all of my questions – and there were many – in a timely manner, many within minutes.

Joe was able to find errors in the prosecution’s evidence and get my case plead down significantly.

If you need a strong defense, hire Joe Patituce.

I was involved in a situation that went like this: my boyfriend did something horrible, convinced me to help him by depositing some money, and the next thing I know I am potentially a target in a federal case!

I called a number of attorneys who all wanted to talk about how great they were and how much trouble I was in. I already knew that I was in trouble and did not need to keep hearing it.

Mr. Patituce cared more about hearing from me and asked me specific questions that showed me he knew what he was doing, unlike those attorneys paying for advertising he was a legitimate expert.

Thanks to him I have put this all behind me.

I hired Mr. Patituce to defend my son against rape charges. There was an allegation that my son and a young woman drank too much at a party, the police forced him into saying somethings that were damaging.

Mr. Patituce personally handled everything that was important in my son’s case, he took the time to explain our options, and he was ready for trial.

The day of trial the prosecutor offered to reduce the charges from rape which means my son would have went to prison for 11 years per charge to a misdemeanor. My son paid a 250 dollar fine and went home with me.

I highly recommend this attorney, he saved my son’s life and helped put our family back together.

We used the Patituce law firm following an unfortunate incident my son found himself involved in. He was charged with rape following a he said she said exchange where he allegedly touched an woman inappropriately.

The Police staged a “gotcha” phone call, by having the “victim” call him to trick him into saying he touched her. All she wanted was a simple apology…..and to bring felony charges apparently.

Joe and his team said he could work with what was presented to him, and they did somewhat effectively.

The deal that was arranged was not very well explained to me, my wife, or my son; but in the end he didn’t do any time in jail and the charges were reduced to misdemeanors.

On a satisfaction level i have to say he did exactly what we had hoped for, kept my son out of jail. Other then that the fee was huge, which for felony defense it is, and with that sort of fee i guess i expected questions to be answered directly; rather then circular cross-talk and days going by without a response.

I realize that its not Joe’s, nor his teams responsibility to educate his clients on what to expect from a felony court proceeding; however the understanding that most clients don’t really understand what is happening should bring about a more direct informative, compassionate presentation. That was certainly NOT the case.

Sometimes it felt like i was dealing with a riddle.

Since the case ended, there has been no contact from Joe or his team, nor have they followed up on items that were supposed to be followed up on.

My son was gifted with a court ordered ankle bracelet as part of the deal, that we never knew anything about…..and we received no guidance from Joe or his team regarding how or when it is to be removed.

At the end of the day the good outweighs the bad 4-1. My son stayed out of jail, no felonies on his record, I’m just hopeful this review helps someone in the future by spelling out what a person not familiar with the possibly of jail time is thinking and expecting from a lawyer.

The entire experience is terrifying and a little customer service goes a LONG way.

I was charged with a very serious life altering charge. I met someone at the bar and after a few dates we became romantic. At some point she wanted to go back to her ex boyfriend and when he found out about me it suddenly became a violation.

I went with an “older” attorney first. He told me to take a deal, to a felony. I would have “only have to do a few years” in prison. I was horrified.

I hired Patituce. He handled my case personally, responded to me as late as 10pm on weekends. I was probably one of the more obnoxious clients that he had but I was really scared.

Because of Joe I am a free man, no felonies, and the truth came out. I never hurt anyone.

Joe handled my son’s case very well and was able to get the case to a point where the prosecution offered a misdemeanor option which my son took. I am very grateful to Joe for getting us to that point. Unfortunately, the follow up following that case was 0. We found out some of the problems of agreeing to a misdemeanor (records on file for employers to see the felony charge) and wanted to discuss it with Joe, but he has never responded to multiple attempts to discuss this matter with him. The person who answers the phone at his office always says that she will pass on the information to Joe, and he will get back to me, but he never does. During the case, at one point, I had to write a scathing E-mail to him directly to get him to respond. I did not want to do that, but he kept ignoring my phone call messages and E-mails despite the fact that I paid him a considerable amount of money to represent my son. If he would have just been more attentive to the few questions I have had after the case, I would have given him a 5 but obviously once the case is over, you are none of his concern anymore.

I work in the pharmaceutical industry and this requires that I travel. I took a prospective client of my own out for dinner and at that dinner I had one single drink.

A trooper stopped me immediately upon leaving dinner and claimed that I failed to stop at a stop sign (there was no stop sign). He then claimed that I failed all of my field tests. I was completely distraught, embarrassed, and worried about my future.

I hired Mr. Patituce to defend me. He was professional, did not make jokes about my situation (as some other attorneys did). He was clearly respected by the judge and prosecutor. Most importantly when he obtained the dash camera video he showed the judge that the trooper had lied about everything!

My charges were dismissed. I owe Mr. Patituce everything.

I was charged with a federal offense that started with a mandatory minimum of five years in federal prison but really called for a sentence of over 200 months. My first attorney tried to get me to take a plea that would have sent me to prison for a period of 151 to 180 months.

I wish I had done my research first. Joe saved my life. He cost more than my first attorney but that was money well spent. He knew what he was doing, his team was effective. Any time I called Joe with a question I got a call back within an hour… even on the weekends.

I highly recommend him, he saved my life

State Status Acquired Updated
KY Authorized to practice law 2016 10/09/2016
NY Due to reregister within 30 days of birthday 2014 07/11/2016
PA Active 2012 10/15/2016
OH Active 2006 12/01/2016
Award name Grantor Date granted
Dean’s List Cleveland State University – Cleveland Marshall College of Law N/A
Work experience
Title Company name Duration
Admitted to Practice in the Northern District of Ohio, Federal District Court 2010 – Present
Managing Partner Patituce & Associates, LLC 2010 – Present
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office 2007 – 2010
Law Assistant Lancer Insurance Company 2004 – 2006
Association name Position name Duration
National College of DUI Defense Member 2014 – Present
Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Member 2011 – Present
Ohio State Bar Association, Criminal Justice Committee Member 2010 – Present
Ohio State Bar Association, Litigation Section Section Member 2010 – Present
Cleveland Bar Association N/A 2010 – Present
American Bar Association Member N/A
Cleveland-Marshall Law Alumni Association Member N/A
Ohio State Bar Association Member N/A
Publication name Title Date
Patitucelaw What is displaying matter harmful to juveniles in violation of R.C. 2907.311 2015
Patitucelaw How Do You Defend Yourself From Rape Charges in Cleveland? 2014
Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (OACDL) Panel Discussion 2013
Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Evidentiary Issues in Defending a DUI – Seminar – Presentation materials 2012
Patituce & Scott Should I Hire An Attorney? 2012
Patituce & Scott Drug Crimes and Financial Aid 2012
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PrWeb Ohio Law Firm Announces Addition of Divorce Law Division 2010
The Heritage Foundation Contributor to Professor David Forte’s work on “The Heritage Guide to the Constitution” by David Forte, Matthew Spaulding, Edwin Meese 2006
School name Major Degree Graduated
Cleveland State University – Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 2006
State University of New York, College at Geneseo Political Science/Philosophy B.A. 2003
Speaking engagements
Conference name Title Date
Trial Skills Academy Cross Examination Instructor 2015
Advanced DUI Seminar McNeely Blooddraw Issues 2015
2014 OACDL DUI Seminar Case Law Updates 2014
Dismantling Field Sobriety Testing in OVI Cases Putting It All Together – Cross Examination of Field Sobriety Tests 2013
Advanced DUI Seminar Panel Discussion 2013
Advanced DUI Seminar Intoxilyzer 8000 – Current Trends and Upcoming Issues 2013
The Intoxilyzer 8000 is coming to a court near you! Intoxilyzer 8000 – panel discussion 2012
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Political Science Legal Careers 2012
Legal Careers Legal Careers 2012
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Trial Skills Workshop Criminal Defense – Cross Examination 2011
Race Race and the Law 2011
Street Law Juvenile Crimes: Importance of Rising Above the Rest 2010
Legal Writing Importance of Legal Writing in Litigation 2009
Collinwood HS Juvenile Crimes: Unintended Consequences 2008
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Cleveland Marshall College of Law Importance of Legal Writing 2006

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