Joyce A Riccio

Joyce A Riccio

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Probate, Alimony, Residential real estate

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106 Sherman St
Fairfield, CT, 06824-5822

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Divorce is never pleasant. When I found myself in this position I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Joyce Riccio. My circumstance was not usual, or at least not to me, it was the realization that after a life of unhappiness I found what being in a true loving relationship felt like and it happened to be with my best friend, another woman. But that fateful day when I contacted Joyce and shaking blurted out what was to me a unbelievably scary chapter of my life, without missing a beat she calmly said to me, dear, it does not matter who you’ve fallen in love with and in fact from what you’ve told me this marriage was over long ago. With those words the weight of the world slipped from my back, I felt as it I was not crazy or a misfit. This woman who is so amazing, respected, with a legal brilliant mind was validating me as the good person I had always been. The person who my children and their friends always went to for advice themselves. These circumstances did not change who I was as a person and she was there to guide and advise me throughout the whole legal process of what I think of as my freedom. I was finally free from something I knew I was not happy with for a very long time and felt only death would finally set me free. Only meeting the one true love of my life finally gave me the courage and I look back and thank goodness my phone call was to Joyce Riccio. I’m sure there are many women who are afraid of that first step. So many questions, so many uncertainties. And Atty Riccio is there every step of the way and she makes you feel at ease because you feel her strength, knowledge and tack is there to guide you through and protect you. There are many people who may fill these out and fill them with cold entries about court, child support, alimony and such. I feel divorce is so much more than that. It is about fear, anger, hard feelings, vindictiveness and many other uncomfortable awful things all rolled into one. And looking back I can’t say enough about Joyce Riccio and how she helped me to my freedom – that’s how I look at it, she gave me my freedom and the way in which she handled everything for me I cant thank her enough – she is an amazing attorney, she knows her stuff but more than that she is a truly amazing woman who has empathy for her clients and that sets her apart from the rest. I whole heartedly would recommend her to anyone who finds they need their freedom too.

Joyce Riccio has been my attorney for nearly 20 years. She is attentive, caring and professional. I have never once doubted that my legal matters would be tended to expeditiously with the utmost care and professionalism. I’ve referred friends and relatives to her and will continue to seek Joyce’s legal counsel for as long as she is in practice. EXPERT divorce attorney, EXPERT in family law and EXPERT in estate planning. I’ve never had a better lawyer!

State Status Acquired Updated
CT Active 1981 12/14/2016
School name Major Degree Graduated
University of Bridgeport Law J.D. N/A

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