Margaret Ann Pendergast

Margaret Ann Pendergast

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646 24th Ave
San Francisco, CA, 94121-2911

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She went out of her way to help me out and that really touched my heart.She was the attorney for my disable son.She is smart ,caring and considerate,I am very grateful !She is the best !Trust me!

Peggy was my divorce lawyer through a long and complex divorce. She was great in court – everyone knew her and she had the highest respect of the judges and other lawyers. She knew when to negotiate and when to be aggressive. In my work with her, I found her fair, caring, respectful, and always interested in my children. Peggy made me laugh under the most absurd situations. I would and have recommended her highly.

My son needed to hire a lawyer to get visitation and then his ex filed domestic violence charges. She presented his case very fair and fought to have his rights to be a father. When he was being denied overnights she fought with the other attorney and then went straight to the city attorney and negotiated. She knew her way in the court and knew exactly how to present his case and fight for the rights of my granddaughter to be part of her father’s life. The baby is turning 6 this year and we have been a part of her life thanks to the court assistance of Ms. Pendergast. In a court system where father’s rarely are heard or recognized she proved that fathers if they fight hard will get a fair deal in court. If you are a father getting played by your ex this is the right lawyer for you. She makes it simple and to the point. Having the right to raise a child priceless!

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CA Active 1983 08/24/2016
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University of San Francisco N/A N/A N/A
San Francisco Law School N/A N/A N/A

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