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I was referred to Ms. Vacchio by a friend. She represented me in a long and bitter divorce and custody battle. She understood that custody of my son was the most important thing to me and I was worried that the courts would lean toward giving custody of my son to his mother. She not only won me custody of my son but she also orchestrated a very fair property settlement. Ms. Vacchio is a very straight talking tough minded person and yet she had a very gentle way of helping me deal with all the stress and drama. I would highly reccommend her services. I wouldn’t want to go up against her!

Over 28 years of marriage, my spouse became increasingly verbally abusive and ultimately ended up completely mentally unstable and threatened my life as well as his own. Denial on my part for years became reality in an instant, and I asked friends if they knew of someone who could help me with this devastating situation. A neighbor who worked at the Montgomery County Courthouse recommended Maria Vacchio as an attorney with an impeccable reputation in domestic situations. I called Maria’s office and she made time to see me within 24 hours. She immediately began to counsel me and let me know the realities of my situation, as well as to put into motion a protective order. For 14 months Maria was on top of my situation, which included hospitalization of my spouse in a mental ward and his contempt of court for ignoring the protective order. During this entire time, he had just two 1-week periods of time when his doctors said he was mentally capable of making decisions for himself. It did not matter to Maria what time of day or night — if I needed her, she was there. There were many times outside of normal office hours that she responded to me, and one evening in particular she met me at her office at 7 p.m. to work on a settlement proposal and submit it while his doctors deemed his mental condition to be stable. Ultimately, after 14 long months, I was granted a final divorce and was able to maintian ownership of my two homes. My two children were in college during this time, and they were able to complete their education and, thanks to Maria, we all have been able to move forward with productive and happy lives. No one truly ‘wins’ in a situation like this one, but I am so fortunate to have found Maria when I needed someone just like her. She is my attorney, my friend, and someone to whom I will be eternally grateful for my life, my happiness, and my ability to have made a good life for myself. I credit her with all of this – literally she saved my life and my future.

Maria came highly recommended by other attorneys I have worked with that do not practice family law.

In my situation, my spouse claimed that she needed alimony and child support. Maria’s strategy was right from the very beginning, and her leadership helped the judge understand that that I was the primary caregiver, breaking the sterotypes that father’s don’t play as active a role in their child’s life as the mother.

In the end we ended up with joint LEGAL custody, but I had residential custody. Maria helped make sure that my child was in the safest environment. Maria never hesitated to tell me what I needed to hear and gave me sound advice on how to deal with a spouse bent on tormenting me until the bitter end. Her years of experience, knowledge of family law and even understanding of the judges themselves were part of what gave me confidence to stand fast.

I highly recommend Maria Vacchio and have sent several clients to her already, who are also pleased with their representation and the outcome of their case.

Ms. Vacchio represented me in a divorce and custody case. She got me custody, saved my retirement plan from being divided up, and forced my spouse to work. She was meticulous in reviewing and organizing all the information I gave her. She always kept me informed. She knew the law and used it to get me what I wanted. Her fees were reasonable. She was excellent in the courtroom and worked hard to help me get through some of the toughest times in my life. If you want someone to work hard for you, who knows the law, and will be honest with you, this is the one.

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MD Active 1979 11/30/2015
DC Suspended 1980 07/05/2016
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