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Three and a half years ago I was in a car accident in my sudan- I rear ended a young man in an SUV. I was 24 and luckily was insured with State Farm – the Office of Troy Wilson in Southern California. The accident took place on a surface road during rush hour and at under 20mph. Because I knew the 24 year old man I rear ended and he made me feel confident everything was fine- we didn’t call a police officer to the scene and I didn’t write down any details about the accident that I could remember.

From the very second I called State Farm about the accident they were amazing. They calmed me down, reassured me everything would be okay and started walking me through the process of tows, and rentals. They really did take care of everything and I am not exaggerating when I say this- I really did feel comforted and cared about.

Over a year later I discovered that the boy had filed a law suit against me to the sum of $100,000 though my insurance only covered him to $50,000. State Farm offered him a nice sum of money for his troubles – more than enough to get all the massages he would like for years to come, but he turned it down in favor of a much higher amount. He claimed to have had all sorts of medical problems and treatments. State farm decided to take this case to trial.

I cannot say this enough- I am so IMPRESSED, MOVED, AND IN AWE of my attorney LAURIE HAROLD. From the first time we met she made me feel so completely taken care of. I was scared and stressed, overwhelmed and totally shocked by the whole thing. She was the most OUTSTANDING lawyer I have ever met. She was so brilliant and so loving.

During the trial this man- who had been unemployed most of his adult life and now lived with his parents claimed to have suffered injuries that would last him his life and requested to be compensated to the tune of $700,000. He showed no quams about lying about his condition and vilifying me. Laurie told me that because State Farm had chosen to take this man to trial that they would be responsible for the verdict and the amount the jury decided to award him. I cannot imagine how my life would have been had State Farm not been there to take care of me. Driving is scary in Los Angeles, and what’s even scarier than driving- is that once you mess up and hit someone – the rest of your life is in their hands. Where would I have gotten $700,00? I would have spent the rest of my life trying to pay that money- And to a dishonest man!

Not only did State Farm take care of me after my accident, but they took care of me throughout the trial. Laurie was constantly encouraging me and telling me not to worry and would always pay for lunch during our lunch break as she would talk about the case.

She was incredible to watch. Without harshness or judgement she opened the case up to the jury and brought all the dishonesty to light. She showed his questionable doctors bills and treatments as well as his questionable claims of pain. She brought two spectacular experts to the stand Dr. Henry Leabeau and Mr. Lloyd Martin. They showed the court that medically and mathematically what the boy was claiming was inaccurate. When the jury left to deliberate I thought we may have showed them but no one could be sure. The Jury came back and awarded him No Money! We won the case! Ms. Harold, Dr. Leabeau and Mr. Martin won the case for me!

Even as I type this I am so over come with gratitude it brings me to tears. Your company had offered this man money for his woes but he had turned it down looking for a big pay out and it was denied. Justice

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