Michael L Cheroutes Jr

Michael L Cheroutes Jr

Practice areas:

Divorce and separation


Hourly ($275/hour), Free consultation (60 minutes)

Payment types:

Cash, Check, Credit card

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501 S. Cherry Street
Suite 920
Denver, CO, 80246

Customer Reviews

Mike was professional, incredibly sharp and committed to my case. He offers that rare balance of courtroom and real-life knowledge and experience, particularly in the often extraordinarily sensitive area of law in which he practices. Truly caring about both client and practice, Mike aggressively yet fairly pursues his clients’ cases while offering a clear picture of what to expect in the litigation process. Throughout my case, I never felt overpowered by his legal expertise, and always felt my needs and desires were being respected and understood. In fact, I had the privilege to witness Mike arguing my case on appeal to a three-judge panel; he truly outshone far more renowned and experienced attorneys as he presented our arguments concisely and fielded the court’s questions adeptly.

I had Mr Cheroutes at the Harris Law Firm.. I requested his involvement in mediation procedures in the hope of having experienced council to give advice during the negotiations. Mr. Cheroutes advised me essentially that men usually don’t get fair treatment in Jefferson County Courts” and that “I could get a judge that doesn’t like men as parents”. His main concern was was advising me to settle with a substandard agreement and getting out of the proceedings, not representing me and assisting in the negotiations. At a later date, I retained another, more experienced attorney who flatly disagreed with Mr. Cheroute’s advice. After interviewing several other attorneys after this, I find Mr. Cheroutes to not be high caliber. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Mike is AMAZING!!! You have to recognize that he is a very busy Attorney and you have to like an Attorney who is trusted with so many cases. He is passionate and personable to your case. He looks for alternative matters to attempt to settle you case. He has put Judges and GALs in their place and not put up with their crap. He requires that you are very knowledgeable of your own case and will lean on you for the small stuff to avoid costly Attorney fees. He is fair and does not run you bill through the waters. You probably should know you case inside and out. Mike has handled some of the most changing case in Colorado and he knows what he is doing.

mike thanks for helping me getting my son back

Horrible experience in hiring Michael Cheroutes to represent me in my case. Bad communication between his paralegal and him, they also filed my documents late. Had Michael on several occasions had a outburst and started yelling and once in the middle of doing my mediation. Michael is very judgemental and makes you feel very stupid when you ask questions about your case. Never prepared my case for trial, in fact I gave them a disclosure witness form for witnesses on my behalf . Michael said I did not give them one, but it was filed by his paralegal and none of them where ever even called to testify on behalf. Huge deal in a case if you ask me. Also never informed me of documents disclosed to him from other party or things being filed on my behalf.

Needless to say dealing with Michael Cheroutes was more stressful , upsetting , and unpleasant. I Strongly advise you to keep looking for other legal council .

If you are considering hiring the Harris Law Firm or more specifically, Michael Cheroutes, to handle your case, I would STRONGLY advise you to keep looking elsewhere for legal representation.

After months of working with Michael, I would describe him as abrasive, unapologetic, scattered and very expensive. Dealing with him was even more exhausting than my actual court case.

When I would raise my honest concerns with him about certain issues, I was usually barked at and berated. He also threatened to completely drop my case on several different occasions. (This would have been fine with me if I had not already paid him thousands of dollars).

Based on prior research, I assumed that my child custody case would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $8-12K. When all was said and done, it cost me well over $27,000 with the Harris Law Firm. Well over double of what I had anticipated. I am not dumb. I understand that lawyers are expensive. But, I feel that my case was strung along for months uneedlessly and that motions were filed that were never even needed. In the end, my case was settled by a mediator. At the beginning of my case, Michael said that a mediator would never work and that we should not even attempt it. Instead, we filed multiple motions and ran around for many, many months chasing our tails. In the end, mediation DID settle the case and it appears that we could have just tried to mediate first and I possibly could have saved TENS of thousands of dollars.

I would never recommend Michael or the Harris Law Firm to anyone. Even though I did get a decent result from my case, the almost year-long ordeal was completely exhausting and unbelievably expensive. I was also not given the understanding and respect that should have come naturally. It was the opposite. I also had to do a lot of the work myself. Writing documents, mediation terms, etc.

Mike seemed to be juggling many, many cases at once and only really seemed to give mine any deep thought right as he called me. He would then talk in circles for an hour and a half while he was working things out in his mind and then bill me for the entire time. Again, it was a nightmare in just about every way and extremely stressful.

I am not a negative person. I have never even posted a review before on a website. But, I did want my opinion to be known on this issue. If I can save anybody some deep heartache as well as tens of thousands of dollars on their court case, then I would like to do so.

Thank you.

Motions and other writings were rushed. I often did not get to see them until they were filed which meant some went out with errors or were not inclusive of the issues I believed were important.

If I complained about charges to my account, they went ignored or they responded as to the time not charged to prove how fair they were being. I doubt that any reasonable non-lawyer who saw what I was billed for these tasks, would agree with them. To make deciphering his firms bills more challenging was that Mike often combined tasks like phone calls and reading emails into one charge.

A client using Mike’s firm (or any firm) should consider tracking the duration of each phone call and the time it takes to read and respond to emails because challenging their fees may be necessary if you want any money left after their representation. I can recall only one time when Mike gave me an estimate of the time a task would take him and his team to perform. When it was wildly inaccurate without explanation as to why, they still harassed me for payment.

For his years of of experience, I found Mike very knowledgable about family law. He could be a great lawyer which I would define as someone who listens to and addresses all of the clients concerns. That would include acknowledging his own mistakes and making amends for them instead of forcing the client to pay.

Michael promised to help me settle my case quickly and cheaply. Instead he pushed for trial and ran up costly bills. Harris Law may be good in court, but I dropped them before I could find out. They let opposing counsel run the show and did not stand up for my rights. They seemed much more concerned about their fees than my welfare.

State Status Acquired Updated
CO Active 2003 11/20/2016
Award name Grantor Date granted
Rising Star SuperLawyers 2011
Rising Star Super Lawyers 2010
Rising Star Super Lawyers 2009
Work experience
Title Company name Duration
North Texas Regional Director ACLU of Texas 2000 – 2002
School name Major Degree Graduated
Texas A&M University School of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 2002
Metropolitan State University Philosophy BA – Bachelor of Arts 1998

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