Michael Stuart Saylor

Michael Stuart Saylor

Practice areas:

Family, Criminal defense, Military law

About me

Stuart Saylor is a Franklin native focused on providing quality legal services to the residents of his community and the surrounding areas.  Following graduation from the University of Tennessee College of Law, Mr. Saylor joined the United States Air Force JAG Corps, where he served honorably for six years.  Mr. Saylor worked as both a prosecutor and defense counsel in the Air Force, and has litigated dozens of criminal trials in front of judges and juries.  Mr. Saylor has experience prosecuting and defending homicide, rape, sexual assault, drug distribution, theft, domestic assault, and many other types of criminal cases.  In 2014, he had the opportunity to deploy to Afghanistan where he served as the top legal advisor to a Special Operations Task Force. 

At the firm of Schell & Oglesby, LLC, Mr. Saylor practices mainly in the areas of criminal defense, military defense, and family law, including divorce, post-divorce, wills and estate planning, juvenile law, guardianships, and conservatorships.  Mr. Saylor takes great pride in being available and responsive to his clients.


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Contact info

509 New Highway 96 West, Suite 201
Franklin, TN, 37069

Legal cases

  • United States v. Airman C.J.

    Practice Area:
    Criminal defense
    Full Acquittal
    Client charged with sexual assault.
  • United States v. Staff Sergeant D.H

    Practice Area:
    Criminal defense
    Full Acquittal
    Client accused of wrongful use of cocaine.
  • United States v. Captain A.P.

    Practice Area:
    Criminal defense
    Full Acquittal
    Client charged with wrongful use of cocaine.
  • United States v. Staff Sergeant A.D.

    Practice Area:
    Criminal defense
    Charges Dismissed.
    Client charged with sexual assault.

Customer Reviews

Words really can’t express (Capt) Mr. Saylor’s performance during my case. He displayed such a higher level of pride and passion for his craft for the entire duration of my case from the beginning of the process leading up to the ending decision of my review board. I was always his number one priority. Not only did (Capt) Mr. Saylor take great measures to always make sure I was comfortable, he also educated me in every aspect to prepare myself and clarify any outcome of the decisions I made leading up the review board. He’s very well spoken and intelligent. If not the best, (Capt) Mr. Saylor is definitely in the top tier amongst the best and I’d definitely recommend his services.

Stuart Saylor is a top-notch attorney. Upon first consulting with him, I commended his personable attitude and professional style. His charisma and compassion combined with his brilliant expertise as my counsel, helped me to receive a better outcome in court than I could have ever imagined. I am forever grateful. Thank you.


Captain Michael Stuart Saylor is an amazing lawyer. Not only is he eloquent but he is also knowledgeable in his career field. The case he helped me with was a lost cause, but with his expertise we were able to get the least amount of repercussions. Michael Stuart was also very open with me, he explained in detail what routes we can go and then suggested the route I should take. In doing this he made me a completely informed individual and I was able to know that I make the right decision for myself. All in all, if you are going to court or need any legal advice I would go with Captain Michael Stuart Saylor.

Capt Saylor was my Legal Consultant while I was issues an Article 15 as well as meeting a Retention Board. He worked diligently with me in getting me the best possible outcome to the best of his ability. Prior to meeting my board he was TDY and was gracious enough to take the time out of his day to answer my questions. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Capt Saylor, he was very professional, hard working and thorough. Best of all, we won our case and I was RETAINED!! Thank you Capt Saylor it was a pleasure.

If you are reading this and in need of a great lawyer, look no further. A few months ago I found myself in the same position you are. Let me tell you from the start, Capt Saylor is the man you want to represent you.

I’m an NCO and have been serving in the USAF for roughly 9 years. When I found out I was being charged and facing court martial for an alleged UCMJ Art 112a violation I was shocked and my world slowly started to crumble around me.

After receiving my case Capt Saylor immediately contacted me to start going over my options and possible outcomes. He was professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly genuinely concerned for my well-being, both in and out of the legal sense. I had done my homework and even read another Avvo review on the Captain and immediately felt some relief knowing that he would be representing me.

Despite the fact that my career was possibly coming to an end, Capt Saylor encouraged me to stay positive. He called me regularly and was very proactive with my case, working things behind the scene to ensure that the case had the best possible outcome.

Once the trial started and we were in the courtroom, I knew I had the best representation a guy could have. Capt Saylor had a plan, and made sure I understood every aspect of it. When he spoke, everybody listened; which is more than I can say for the prosecution. They were not well spoken, stumbled through their examinations of witnesses, and didn’t seem prepared at all for the trial.

When the verdict came I was extremely anxious but couldn’t help but feel positive about the outcome. Capt Saylor’s representation and display of knowledge, skill, and ability had me almost sure that the case would go in our favor. The jury gave the verdict, “Not guilty.” I cannot express how relieved I was hearing this.

After the trial, Capt Saylor not only told me what to expect work wise, but kept in touch to make sure I transitioned smoothly back to the way things were before any of this happened.

Word cannot express how grateful I am that Capt Saylor represented me and our paths crossed. If you are under investigation or have found yourself in need of legal representation, look no further; you have found the best!

Capt Michael Saylor recently represented me and I could not be more pleased with the results. His personality will immediately put you at ease and his professionalism is second to none.

Capt Saylor always made time for me and my questions, he asked a lot of questions himself to ensure he was clear about the entire situation. He wrote memorandums on my behalf, always gave sound advice on what to say or not say, and attended meetings that he was not required to simply to support me.

As a previous client of Michael Saylor’s I would absolutely recommend him as an attorney. I really felt he went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and to ensure a favorable outcome to my case.

If you’re reading this wondering if you should have Capt Saylor represent you, then you’re probably just like me wondering “how did I end up here?” and just be glad you found Capt Saylor along the way.

I came from a long line of men in my family who served and at the age of 18 upon graduating high school, I joined the military and have faithfully served my country for over a decade now.

Not long after I had returned to the U.S. from Afghanistan where I was deployed, I found myself being interrogated by O.S.I. Before I knew it, my rights had been read, I wrote a statement against myself, and I was now under investigation. After 6 hours, my whole world as I knew it was turned around. I was being accused of drug use (violation of the UCMJ, article 112a.) from the days of being a brand new 2d Lt. To add to it, they compiled an additional charge of making a false official statement regarding my clearance form SF86 when answering the drug use question I check the box next to “No” (violation of the UCMJ, article 107). At the time of interrogation I was a brand new captain and it was almost two years that passed as I waited for the prosecution to drag this ordeal out. It was pushed to a court martial even though the pretrial decision authority recommended against a court martial. I knew going forward that I had the best possible fighting chance because I got lucky enough to have Capt Saylor on my side!

From day one he was proactive and professional; making countless phone calls and e-mails to make sure I was okay, understood everything that was going on, was aware of all possible scenarios and outcomes, as well as always ending with answering my tireless questions. He made me feel like my case was the ONLY one on his plate when I’m pretty sure he must have had the maximum client load or close to whatever the military can give to an ADC.

I’m sure we can all think of those in any organization who are the go getters and go above and beyond for various reasons while there are those who do the bare minimum to get by. Capt Saylor is one of those men who NO MATTER WHAT, whether anyone knew it or not if he was doing more than his job description and pay grade, he did it from a genuine place that comes from the heart. He is one of those who put that maximum effort because he cares about people. He has empathy, he’s intelligent, he’s funny, honest, and compassionate. I feel beyond blessed to have Capt Saylor represent me!

Leading up to the trial while of course I had little waves of nervousness and anxiety, I also had this odd sense of peace and calmness going into it because I KNEW for a fact that Capt Saylor did and would do everything humanly possible exhausting all possibilities to defend me yielding the best possible outcome.

In court he captivated the jury. When he would talk, they would look up at him with admiration in their eyes. It made me so proud that he was my lawyer especially compared to the prosecution who side by side they looked so unprepared, novice, and desperate.

The case could have gone various directions, however directly because of the motions that Capt Saylor wrote and submitted due to OSI coercing my statement and lack of corroboration, we won the case!

Without Capt Saylor, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this review. The government has all the money at their disposal to investigate you, to pile on witnesses and subpoena others, unlimited manpower (they had about 5 people from the Jag office working together with the prosecution during the actual Court Martial) while you are just one person. With Capt Saylor, you will give yourself the best fighting chance!!!

The words “NOT GUILTY” pouring out of the jury president’s mouth brought a flood of tears to my eyes. No dismissal, no confinement, no discharge. Back to work as if nothing happened.

It has been an emotional roller coaster, but I am beyond grateful to Capt Saylor who won my case for me!!!

State Status Acquired Updated
TN Active 2010 11/24/2016
Award name Grantor Date granted
Army Commendation Medal United States Army 2014
Air Force Commendation Medal United States Air Force 2013
Work experience
Title Company name Duration
Attorney Schell & Oglesby, LLC 2016 – Present
Area Defense Counsel United States Air Force 2014 – 2016
Chief of Military Justice United States Air Force 2010 – 2014
Association name Position name Duration
Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers N/A 2016 – Present
School name Major Degree Graduated
University of Tennessee College of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 2010

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