Pete Meyers

Pete Meyers

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Landlord or tenant, Real estate, Personal injury

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1318 SW 12th Ave.
Portland, OR, 97201

Customer Reviews

He has prepared my family and I during one of our darkest times, to win back our home and our rightful possessions! With his guidance, we are able to build again!!

I got to Pete Meyers because the first landlord/tenant attorney I hired charged an arm and a leg and gave me the *wrong* legal advice. Our group has several multi-family properties and lo and behold we inherited a few drug addicts when we assumed managing the building. Meyers didn’t require a $750.00 automatic retainer before he’d even talk to me, like the other landlord attorney did. He just explained the law, explained the choices, and answered questions, billed me.

When it comes to this stuff–landlord tenant–the simpler the better. Meyers was simple, fair, and honest.

I would recommend him to anyone seeking a landlord attorney.

Such a relief.

Pete was available. When you’re dealing with issues requiring an attorney there is so much anxiety. Having Pete be accessible and return calls right away made the experience bearable.

Thanks Pete!

Pete’s quick response to my landlord’s illegal entry onto the property I was renting was perfect. Not only did the landlord completely back off but I had piece of mind knowing I had an excellent attorney in my court. Thank you Pete!

Landlord-tenant relationships always seem to get more complicated than they should. Mr. Meyers took care of my problem quickly, efficiently and effectively. Great to have him in my corner. I’d highly recommend his services!

He was so helpful and quick to accurately answer my questions we called around he wasn’t the first person we talked to but he was by far the most impressive I’ll be hiring him for any future legal problems thank you

We are landlords, we have tried a few other lawyers in the Portland area, but none of the others had the key characteristics of intelligence and blunt honesty that makes Peter such a useful lawyer

Peter Meyers is not your average lawyer. He’s smart enough to not pretend that his clients are always right. He looks after his clients best interest even if it means not taking an opportunity to increase his own billing.

Also, he is not afraid to look things up in front of you, to go through the ORS to make sure that what he is telling you is the correct answer. We’ve dealt with other lawyers who gave us glib, off the cuff responses which ended up costing us about 2k.

recommended for demand ltr to landlord. HE IS VERY VERY GOOD AND I WOULD GO BACK TO HIM FOR MORE SERVICES.

Mr. Meyers represented us as tenants regarding an issue on lease break in a complex situation.

1. He was able to drill it down to the basics and make it easy to understand

2. He presented a range of options to us depending on the type of stance we wanted so we felt like we were in control

3. He was honest about likely outcome and forthcoming with recommendations when we sought them or when he saw a need

4. He was never disrespectful when dealing with the “other side.”

5. He responded very quickly and was upfront about costs and his rates were very reasonable.

6. His office staff were friendly and helpful

I am a former client of Pete Meyers, He helped me with a situation involving a former landlord that was harassing me for guest visitation, and later a personal injury I received while living at my former residence. When I contacted Pete Meyers I was extremely distraught, I was very intimidated, and I felt very alone. The actions of my former landlord and their attorneys made me feel like I was taking on the legions of Rome by my self. I thought I was going to be kicked out of my residence and left homeless if i tried to fight. Everything felt completely hopeless. But then I contacted Pete Meyers, assured me that everything was going to be okay. He gave me a sense of calm. But more importantly he gave me a sense of protection. I no longer felt as if it was me Vs the world. I consider myself a excellent judge of character, and I knew, (almost instantly) that I had a loyal, well educated, professional attorney backing me up. I could tell, after I explained my situation that Pete had my best interest in mind.

(I know that lawyers are good at making people feel good/protected, but I genuinly felt that he cared for me and my family and wanted to help in every way possible)

Before I contacted Pete Meyers I was receiving a large number of threatening and intimidating letters from my landlord, and the insurance company. The day I spoke with Pete, that all stopped. All the letters, and phone calls were now directed to him. A HUGE weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I cannot express the feeling you get when you are being starred down by a bully and you are all alone. Knees shaking, sweat beading off your brow. But then…. a complete stranger stands up for you, it fills your heart with warmth, to know that someone is willing to help a person in need. Thats the experience I had with Pete Meyers.

Loyal, knowledgeable, pragmatic, and dynamic, Pete Meyers is all of those things and more. I could list all of the traits that Pete has, but I wont. Simple put, If you want an attorney that will help you in every way possible, and lay out a planned path to success, Pete Meyers is the obvious choice. Hands down, he will worker harder for you than anyone else.

Thank you Pete Meyers. You are the best!!

State Status Acquired Updated
OR Active 2005 12/17/2016
Association name Position name Duration
Oregon State Bar N/A 2005 – Present
School name Major Degree Graduated
Seattle University School of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor 2005

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