Robert Richard Jones

Robert Richard Jones

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Personal injury, Car accident, Trucking accident, Motorcycle accident


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Bob Jones headed up the effort to obtain a fair and equitable settlement from an auto accident in which I had been rear ended at a traffic light in May 2015. This was complicated since I had just left the chiropractor’s office for treatment of back/neck and shoulder pain. The existing condition was considerably exacerbated by the force of impact (which had actually bent the frame of my pickup truck). My NO FAULT carrier denied further coverage effective September 2015 based on their IME statement that my injuries weren’t caused by the accident. However, two separate orthopedic practices documented the fact that the exacerbation was indeed caused by the accident and required rotator cuff surgery to correct. NO FAULT played an adversarial game instead of covering the resulting medical costs associated with physical therapy, then surgery, and more physical therapy; which was time consuming, interfered with my normal physical abilities, and involved significant pain until surgery and recovery were completed. Further complicating the case was Medicare, since I am over 65. To say that Medicare’s processing of medical bills after NO FAULT’s denial of further coverage was mixed up, would be charitable.

Bob successfully argued the case for a fair claim with the at fault driver’s insurance company, but reimbursing Medicare for accident related costs were asserted to be substantial. Bob and his team (Tracey, a paralegal I believe) successfully made the case with Medicare that only a small amount of their payments to medical providers was my responsibility. This wrapped up the case in as timely a fashion as could be expected and provided what I regard as a fair settlement.

Oh, it should be noted that I approached the Coughlin & Gerhart LLP firm based upon a personal recommendation for another attorney who had recently retired. Bob stepped in, reviewed the situation with me, was truly an active listener and explained what to expect throughout. He is an exceptional negotiator and exhibited to me the highest ethical and moral standards in pursuing a just settlement. While I hope that further services for similar reasons won’t be necessary, I would not hesitate to employ him again.

Thank you, Attorney Robert R Jones and staff for a job well done.

Nothing could have prepared me for my husband’s automobile accident and how it would impact him, our then 6-month-old son, and me. There was the horror of the first phone call, accompanied by the dawning realization that life would never be the same again. The next days were a fog of doctors appointments, exhaustings tests, conversations with insurance personnel, daunting paperwork to file, finding a replacement vehicle and more. After the initial shock passed and we began trying to iron out our next faltering steps, retaining an attorney became a priority. You see, my husband was struck by a drunk driver. Our lives were upended by a man who chose to act irresponsibly.

A neighbor mentioned that she and her husband retained Robert Jones to represent them for a pending lawsuit in connection with an auto accident her husband had suffered. They highly recommended him so after some consideration, we made contact.

What an important, valuable and satisfying decision it was.

Mr. Jones, whom we were invited on Day One to call, Bob, was full of empathy and compassion. He met with us in our home in order to accommodate my husband’s medical conditions and my need to care for our infant son. He was armed with information which he patiently and meticulously explained to both of us. Bob is tremendously competent, well-versed in insurance lingo, and has many years of experience handling vehicular accidents and related lawsuits. He is warm and kind, thoughtful and considerate. He ensures client comfort and convenience. He discussed things over and over until we felt certain of what was what. He took all the pressure and stress of dealing with the insurance companies off our shoulders. He did visits, emails, calls– anything we needed in order to feel comfortable during each step of the process.

More than once, we ran aground of some particularly unpleasant folks at the insurance company and Bob repeatedly put our minds at ease and dealt swiftly and effectively with each scenario. He ensured that we received all the benefits and payouts for which we were entitled. He fought hard to get us fair compensation for my husband’s injuries and damages. He infused humor into our conversations and written back-and-forth, serving to lighten up a very upsetting time. He always replied quickly and thoroughly. He never left a question unanswered.

Bob saw us through to the end, with his calming hand upon our shoulders all the way. We definitely made the right choice in selecting him to represent us and I will recommend him to anyone looking for excellent legal representation involving an automobile accident. Our gratitude is overwhelming.

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