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1110 Brickell Ave Ste 600
Miami, FL, 33131-3136

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She is the best attorney I have ever worked with. There was no b.s. She didn’t try to “steal” my money-she told me the way it is and that was the way it was. She was honest almost to a fault. She charges extra for personal apperances (by the hour), and tells you what to expect in terms of personal appearances (how many will be required). She explained that there are a number of immigration offices all around Miami and that if a non-court personal appearance is scheduled, she or one of her partners or associates would handle it, depending on who was assigned to cover whatever office that day. She even took the time to explain that the only reason that someone would not be with me is if they had a car accident on the way to the interview. Ironically, she told me that had just happened with one of her clients. Whenever I had a question, she got back to me almost instantly. Yes, often in all caps, but I was grateful for the rapid response. I would highly recommend her. I knew that I was in good hands throughout my process.

Tammy handled my Adjustment of status thru marriage.

The whole experience 0 to 10 = 5.5 . (May be lower)


1. Not the friendliest . If you look for warmth this is not your lawyer .She could care less about what you think .

2. Hard to get in touch . Lucky to get her on the phone and not the assistant .Prepare to receive one sentences emails reply(all in caps) from her also.

3.Deceiving.At the first interview..She would tell you that would go with you to the USCIS interview (to get your business) when in reality one of her “replacement” lawyers would go instead (You will find this a few days before your interview with immigration.)

4. Lucky if that “replacement” lawyer would show up to your interview ….Mine didnt. We paid her 350 dollars in advance and her lawyer was nowhere to be found at interview time . We went in USCIS by ourselves. (Then We have to call her office and email a few times to “remind them” to get this money back).

5. Expensive .Be ready to show some green.

We were approved without her lawyer anyways , but i would not hire this attorney if i would have a second chance.

Do research ….lots of research before hiring this lawyer.There are tons of other attorneys that would do the same for half the price.

I did my research regarding my deportation case. It didn’t look good!

I interviewed many lawyers from DC to Miami prior to selecting Tammy.

Retaining her was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is FANTASTIC!

Do your homework……..talk to all the “Just give me your money” guys, and then call Tammy!

But be prepared to see a very pleasant and attractive young lady do a transformation the moment she enters the court room. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen! Let’s just say that I hope the prosecutor’s wounds have healed by now!

I highly recommend her for all your immigration needs!


Ocala, FL

State Status Acquired Updated
FL Member in Good Standing 1983 12/05/2016
School name Major Degree Graduated
University of Miami School of Law Law JD – Juris Doctor N/A

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