William J Rhodunda Jr.

William J Rhodunda Jr.

Practice areas:

Government, Land use and zoning, Real estate

Contact info

1220 N Market St Ste 700
Wilmington, DE, 19801-2597

Customer Reviews

Mr. Rhodunda jr. has been my go to guy on everything from the mistakes I made in my childhood to the tragedies I have suffered as an adult. There was a time I had money on retainer with him and a family member was in need of representation. I spoke to Mr. Rhodunda Jr. about how if the family member needed anything (representation) to just go ahead and give it to her. I wasn’t clear about how I meant for if she needed anything for her own representation he should give it to her. The family member not only used it on herself ,but also on others. When I asked Rhodunda Jr. what was left on retainer and he was explaining where the money had gone I told him about the misunderstanding. Even though I told him I thought I was to blame for not making it clear he still repaid all of the money used in ways I didn’t intend it to be used. He didn’t have to do that. I think he did it because he felt that’s what was the rite thing to do at the time. When I lost loved ones he offered his condolences. Through all of the more personal credit I’ve given him I have forgotten to mention the years of my life he has saved me from losing because of his knowledge and ability. As long as he is in practice I will be his client. I could write pages of good things but I think I’ve made my point. He is a great lawyer and an amazing man who will always have my respect.

State Status Acquired Updated
DE Active 1989 06/28/2016
School name Major Degree Graduated
Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University Law J.D. N/A
University of Delaware N/A B.A. N/A

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